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Investing Philosophy

You’re different

01 Aug 2022

There's no one-size fits all approach

You're different cover

You would probably have heard of many well-meaning friends and gurus sharing their advice about how to invest. 

“You should have at least six months of emergency funds.” 

“You should have a 70-30 equity-bond portfolio.” 

“You should not invest more than 5% of your portfolio in crypto.” 

The thing is, there is no standard recipe on which investment style is most suited for you. 

Hence, you should not take any advice at face value. And that includes what we are sharing here. 

Yes, you may choose to adopt an investment philosophy if you find that it makes sense. 

Yes, there are financially sound practices such as diversification that is proven by Nobel-prize winning research. 

But just like how a doctor would give a different diagnosis to multiple patients with the same symptoms, what might work well for someone else might not be what is suited for you. 

On the same vein, you’ve probably read an article about how someone your age has just turned into a crypto millionaire (or billionaire) by being an early investor in Dogecoin. 

Or heard through a whatsapp group about how an ex-schoolmate is retiring at the age of 40 because she sold her house to buy DBS shares in the last market crash. 

When I come across stories like these, I would try not to be envious or FOMO (fear of missing out). I’d just wish them well. 

After all, every person is different and what might have worked well for someone might not work well for you. 

Put all entire life savings into cryptocurrencies? I’d probably have suffered from multiple panic attacks before I can get to enjoy being a millionaire. 

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