Treasury Bills (T-bills)

Treasury Bills (T-bills)

At a glance

Singapore Treasury Bills (T-bills) are fully backed by the Singapore government, and offer you a sound way to earn a regular interest payment.

T-bills have a short maturity period of 6 or 12 months.


  • Interest Rate Risk: When interest rates go up, the price of the bond may come down. Hence, you may suffer capital losses if you were to sell the bond before its maturity date.
  • Liquidity Risk: After you have been issued the Singapore T-bill, it may not be easy to buy or sell them in the secondary market before they mature.
  • No certainty on yield: The cut-off yield for the T-bill is determined by demand and supply at the auction.
  • Not SDIC Insured: T-bills are not insured under Singapore Deposit Insurance Corporation Limited (SDIC). However, they are guaranteed by the Singapore government.

Latest cut-off yield

Based on the latest T-bill cut-off yield. Please note that rate is not guaranteed as cut-off yield is determined after bidding.

6 months
12 months
  • Minimum investment sum from S$1000

Important dates to note

Auction date

6 months
18 Jul 2024
12 months
25 Jul 2024

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