Singapore Savings Bonds (SSB)

Singapore Savings Bonds (SSB)

At a glance

Singapore Savings Bonds (SSB) are guaranteed by the Singapore government and offer you with a simple and low-cost way to generate safe returns.

SSBs are capital guaranteed, and make interest payments every six months.

You can invest for up to 10 years, and choose to get your money back in any given month with no penalty.


  • Liquidity Risk: When you decide to redeem your money, you will only receive the payment on the 2nd business day of the following month.
  • Not SDIC Insured: SSBs are not insured under Singapore Deposit Insurance Corporation Limited (SDIC). However, they are guaranteed by the Singapore government.

Latest announced rates

Based on the latest announced SSB (GX24080W)

Year 1
Average 10-Year
  • Minimum investment sum from S$500
  • Maximum investment sum at S$200,000

Important dates to note

Latest SSB (GX24080W) closing date

26 Jul 2024

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