Guide to Google Pay Hawker Pals: How to earn up to S$105 cashback

By Beansprout • 09 Aug 2023 • 0 min read

Earn up to S$105 cashback and merchant vouchers by playing Hawker Pals with Google Pay from 8 August to 20 August.

google pay hawker pals guide 2023

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What happened? 

Want to put your good knowledge of Singapore into good use to win cashback of up to $105 and vouchers? 

Here’s your chance by playing the Hawker Pals mini-game by Google Pay! 

In conjunction with Singapore’s National Day, Google Pay has launched a mini game, Hawker Pals from 8 Aug 2023, 12am to 20 Aug 2023, 11:59pm 

You just have to complete easy tasks to win up to $105 cashback and merchant vouchers! 

As with Singapore’s national favourite pastime of eating, you will just have to keep our Hawker Pals, Meow Shanwang, Orh Lua & Orh nee, Merlion Baey and a mystery Pal well-fed.

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Image Source: Google Pay


What you need to do to earn cashback with Hawker Pals on Google Pay

These are the easy ways to complete the mission to feed your hungry pals. The Hawker Pals will stand inline, waiting to be fed, one after another. 

To feed the Pal that is visiting, users will need to complete daily task like

  • Complete a quiz testing your knowledge on Singapore
  • Sending money to a friend (At least $10)
  • Complete a Paynow to merchants of at least $3

Each time the task is completed, users will be awarded dishes to feed the Pals. 

You will stand a chance to win cashback with a scratchcard awarded once all the 3 tasks are completed and the Pals are deemed as successfully fed. 

You can also win vouchers from these participating partners after you complete the 3 tasks.

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Source: Google Pay


What are the dates that the Hawker Pals will appear on Google Pay?

The Hawker Pals will appear based on a fixed schedule. The dates you’ll need to remember to feed and compete the tasks and receive your rewards are as follows:

  • Meow Shanwang (8-10 Aug): $0.80 to 5.80 cashback
  • Orh Lua and Orh Nee (11-13 Aug): $2.58 to $15.80 cashback 
  • Merlion Baey (14-17 Aug): $3.58 to $25.80 cashback
  • Mystery Pal (18-20 Aug): $4.58 to $58 cashback
Hawker Pals Google Pay 2023.jpg
Source: Google Pay


Step-by-step guide to win cashback with Google Pay Hawker Pals

You need to do the following within the dates that Meow Shanwang appears and receive a scratch card to win cashback and merchant vouchers

  • Complete a quiz testing your knowledge on Singapore
  • Sending money to a friend (At least $10)
  • Complete a Paynow to merchants of at least $3
Source: Google Pay


Do note that the current Meow Shanwang cashback challenge will end on 10 Aug! 

Meow Shanwang’s friends of Orh Lua and Orh Nee, Merlion Baey and a Mystery Pal will appear in the respective dates shown above and just repeat what you did for Meow Shanwang. 

Happy feeding! 

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